Quadratura Cinetectura


Quadratura Cinetectura is the gargantuan umbrella project of director, composer, writer and artist Eric Chamberlain. A mixture of technology, architecture, dream physics and divine energy, Quadratura Cinetectura is an unforgettable, life-changing experience. The flow of the installation is such that witnesses are gradually taken from the physical world to the spiritual, both in physical space in the gallery as well as in the nature of the artwork. Beginning with introductory artwork that sets the milieu, the audience is then guided through a series of digital and physical artwork increasing in intensity. The next section expands the spiritual subject matter of the journey with film/animation/motion graphics pieces, some beautiful, some terrifying, all compelling to the human audience. Those who endure this challenging section will be rewarded with the pièce de résistance, the projection-mapped film Quadratura Cinetectura, an experience that engulfs the audience from all sides in the divine energy of eternal love and joy.


Throughout this journey the audience will also experience modern classical, ambient, electronic and avant-garde music composed and produced by Eric Chamberlain. A key theme is that music is actually the divine language that has been reduced to the mortal, and that we can reach the divine through music. Sound design is also key to the experience.



The exhibit comprises the following sections, organized in a quadriptych, each with specific music and sound design:


Void 1: Creation, Garden of Eden, Midnight In the Garden of Eden. Static abstract and non-representational art.

Void 2: Formations. Digital art.


A. Static digital art, Cirrus Architecture crossing the threshold trope, liminal space between physical and spiritual, merging divine energy and architecture

B. Cinetecture: more developed CG version of these ideas, deeper into unknown spaces.


Void 3: Humanity. Light and dark spiritual energy combined. Video and ambient sound with various video displays bringing ideas to life with Heaven's Waiting room playing in one room and Hell's Waiting Room in another room. Some of the material is beautiful, some terrifying, some both.


Void 4: Finale, pièce de résistance: QUADRATURA CINETECTURA. Divine energy and cinetecture. A projection-mapped surreal film and music that transports viewers into a living quadratura, engulfing the audience in divine energy.