Eric Chamberlain



The following projects are in development:



Evenings In Eternity


Tagline: Eternal is Love.


Evenings In Eternity is a love story set against the backdrop of European theater WWII. The forbidden relationship between the two main characters, Wolf and Aurora, forces them to make an impossible decision between what they want for themselves and for the whole world. Evenings In Eternity is a magical groundbreaking drama with huge awards and distribution potential due to its universal themes of love and sacrifice. Rated PG or G.






Tagline: The future isn't what it used to be.


Vyrys is a mind-blowing anime that explores the themes of  humanity, love and violence and where trends in these spaces intersect with technology. The presence of new lifeforms, species and AI enables the exploration of forms of writing, dialog and cinematography, based on Eric Chamberlain's theories about physiology driving technology and technology driving aesthetic. Vyrys could be a film or explore such topics in greater depth and scope as a drama series.




Mixed Blessings


Tagline: Let there be love.


Mixed Blessings is a timely television series based on the themes of relationships, religion and spirituality in an increasingly globalized world. The series explores the differences and unexpected common ground between people of different faiths as they share the hardships and victories of life together.




Gamma Ray & Nitro Jen




Gamma Ray and Nitro Jen is an animated sci-fi feature or telelvision series based on the illustrated children's book by Eric Chamberlain. The titular characters make friends with strange characters, enabling them to delve deeper into Dreamland. The property has compelling marketing and ancillary product potential for a global market.




Silky Howard


Tagline: Press 0 for help.


Silky Howard is a dark, surreal comedy about a man who snaps and goes on a phantasmogorical mission to hunt down the evils of society. Essentially a living cartoon, Silky Howard is a groundbreaking film unlike any ever before seen. Rated R.



Distinguished Service


Tagline: Extreme gallantry and risk of life.


Distinguished Service is based on the heroic combat actions of Captain Craig R. Chamberlain (Green Beret) at Con Thien during the Vietnam War. His leadership against enemy forces, in conjunction with U.S. Marines, led to victory and earned Captain Chamberlain the Distinguished Service Cross. In life, Craig Chamberlain had a fiery and passionate drive to sacrifice for others, enabling him to not only survive impossible odds, but, in the spirit of the Specia Forces, fight back and turn death and defeat into victory.




The Big Picture


Tagline: Every picture is a journey.


The Big Picture is an animated film for all ages based on a story by Eric Chamberlain. Hostile groups must overcome their differences and combine their individual talents in order to overcome obstacles and survive as they try to reach a fabled place. As they learn more about each other and themselves they also learn more about the post-apocalyptic world in which they live, revealing a lesson for all of us in the real world as they reach their destination. The Big Picture features ground-breaking production design and cinematography.

Rated G.



Dragon Lotus


Tagline: Phucket, let's do this!


Dragon Lotus is an insane action/comedy vehicle based on the the short films produced for EL Rey Network. Based on a true story, the absurd action follows a wayward secret agent in Thailand and Cambodia who must redeem his salacious and unprofessional behavior by rescuing the President of the United States. Hallucinogenic, bombastic, ridiculous and fun in the extreme, Dragon Lotus is an unforgettable and bonkers ride from beginning to end. Rated R.




Gyrus: Fusiform


Tagline: The evolution will be televised.


Gyrus: Fusiform is a further exploration of the world of Gyrus. The impressionist film takes witnesses on a journey into the nature of human concepts of life, death and spirituality and ultimately into the deepest parts of themselves. Rated PG.




The Dream of Socialism


Tagline: To each according to his needs ...


Due to its groundbreaking approach and IP concerns the true nature of this docudrama can not be revealed here. Simultaneously visceral and cerebral, no one will be the same after watching this innovative film.






Tagline: Evolve.


Gyrus is the debut feature by writer/director Eric Chamberlain and has achieved a distribution deal with Troma. An uncompromising and compelling personal achievement, Gyrus is a contemplative film that is simultaneously a physical and spiritual journey home, ultimately folding in on itself and becoming the infinitesimally small moment between life and eternity. The ramifications of the evolution of the main character are for you to decide.