Eric Chamberlain

About Eric Chamberlain


Eric was severely burned as an infant. His entire life he has had stunning waking visions and dreams of images and music that fuel all of his ambitious, bold and unique work. There is a constant stream of this energy from beyond that informs and connects his work in art, music and film, all within his aesthetic he calls Cinetecture, a portmanteau of "cinema" and "architecture" that perfectly describes his singular vision from beauty to terror and often both. A daring risk-taker, Chamberlain gave up a promising career in defense and aerospace to pursue art and write, direct and produce a feature film in which he shot, scored, acted in, produced VFX and edited entirely himself. This in addition to producing other short films as well as countless pieces of acrylic, digital and motion-based art. The quintessential artist, Eric  Chamberlain has tirelessly, relentlessly sacrificed all else to dedicate his entire life to music, art and film.


His work often portrays an empyreal flow between Janusian thinking (polar modes or ideas), homospatial layering (e.g. architecture as frozen music, music as a soul, etc.) and sepconic articulation (merging characteristics of different modes, forms, energies and aesthetics without losing the original DNA of such). He is also inspired by imagining aesthetic beyond the human perspective, both spiritually and biologically.


"Physiology informs technology informs aesthetic. If you imagine the limitations of a single perspective, of our fingers, limbs and joints handling a brush, then you can understand how our human physical limitations are reflected in our work. Imagine how your hand informs the design of a camera and a focus ring, how our eyes interpret light into reality and how things like depth of field, shutter speed and motion blur inform aesthetic. By being aware of these limitations we can seek to go beyond them. Imagine if we were a different form of life, perhaps an intergalactic octopus with an IQ of 800, what kind of technology would I invent, what kind of art, music and film would I be inspired to create, and what would my aesthetic and goal be? What would my perspective and spirituality be? What if we could invert depth of field? What if art was neither abstract nor representational, but a static frame of infinite energy and motion? Can we create depth of field in sound? Is architecture static music? Such questions can help us reach beyond human limitations in our own ideas and aesthetic."


Chamberlain has also written and published a self-help book for creatives titled The Eye of Gogi, and has donated art to Online publications. He helps small animals and other creatures when he can.


The Future: Quadratura Cinetectura


Eric Chamberlain's present larger-scale objective is to assemble his ultimate vision, Quadratura Cinetectura, a multimedia gallery experience of his static abstract and non-representational works, motion and video works, his music and finally his pièce de résistance, a projection-mapping film entitled Quadratura Cinetectura. He has most recently completed a vast musical interpretation of these ideas in a massive quadruple album also titled Quadratura Cinetectura (click for more info).


Artist Statement


As an artist, essentially a filmmaker working with cinema as well as eternally static frames, I seek a balance between aesthetic, energy, personal observation and accessibility. Using my aesthetic, Cinetecture, my goal is to use my vision to reveal unusual, perhaps forbidden perspectives of the living Hieronymus Bosch painting that is our endless human drama. While some of my work is utterly nonrepresentational, existing solely to evoke emotionally, psychologically and spiritually within the viewer, other work is, at least partially, an abstraction of certain ideas. I enjoy the balance of opening the gateway to a certain view while leaving the interpretations and conclusions up to the viewer.


Where some lecture and where others seek to be subversive only for the sake of being subversive, I seek to show unusual perspectives only to inspire others, not to tell them what to think. I endeavor with work that includes components of spirituality, liminal perspectives, architecture, examinations of order and expressionism.


Selected Published Works and Events


• Governor's mansion, Hawaii, art exhibit, 1987

• University of Hawaii, art exhibit, 1989

• Honolulu, community center, mural, 1988

• Never This Infliction, composer and producer, 1994

• Sky Laced Silver, composer and producer, 1995

• Health Care for the Homeless, TV commercial, composer and producer, 1996

• New Mexico BioPark Society, TV commercial, composer and producer, 1996

• Black Light Twilight, composer and producer, 1996

• Faith In Motion, composer and producer,1997

• Empyreal Day Dreams, composer, producer, artist, 1998

• Ultra Hard Shadow, composer, producer, artist, photographer, 2000

• Nightingale Mannequin, composer, producer, artist, 2003

• World Blade Center, composer, producer, artist, 2005

• Topiary En Hades, composer and producer, 2007

• Telepheriq Chamberlain, composer and producer, 2008

• Evenings In Eternity, composer, producer, 2009

• Ala Moana Shop a Le'a Fashion Show, promotional artwork, 2010

• About Face, film, writer, director, producer, composer, 2012

• Gamma Ray & Nitro Jen, children's book, writer, illustrator, 2013

• Dragon Lotus 1, short film for EL Rey Network Online promotion, 2013, writer, director, producer

• Dragon Lotus 2, short film for EL Rey Network Online promotion, 2014,writer, director, producer

• The Eye of Gogi, author, 2014

• Black Diamond Skyline, composer, producer, artist, 2014

• Black Light Sybarite, composer, producer, artist, 2015

• Wanagi Wolf Fund, short film, writer, director, producer, 2015

• Gyrus, Feature film, writer, director, producer, composer, artist, 2019

• Featured in The Albuquerque Journal, November 2019

• Abstract Magazine TV, abstract art for publication, 2020

• After Happy Hour Review, abstract art for publication, 2020

• Quadratura Cinetectura, quadruple album of music, composer and producer, 2021,Album of the Year, Border Waves/Grenzwellen, Radio Hanover

• Breath of God, music video, writer, director, producer, 2021

• Quadratura Cinetectura featured in A Closer Listen, 2021

• Defunkt Magazine, 2021

• Albuquerque Sunport, art exhibit, 2022 (upcoming)